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Self-stigma Based on the Sexual Orientation in PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) in Surabaya, Indonesia

Firman, Firman and Yuanita, Wulandari Self-stigma Based on the Sexual Orientation in PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) in Surabaya, Indonesia. Proceedings of the 1st UMSurabaya Multidisciplinary International Conference 2021 (MICon 2021).

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Abstract. Theproblemofself-stigmaisoneoftheseriousproblemsthatoccursin people living with HIV/Aids(PLWHA),thisproblemisdifferentfromdiscrimina tiontreatment,self-stigmaisthefearfeltbyPLWHA,againstactsofdiscrimination as a result of the attributes attached by community towards PLWHA. This study aims to determine the difference in self-stigma based on sexual orientation in peo ple living with HIV/AIDS. Methods: this research is a “comparative descriptive” research with the methodusedisacrosssectional approach. Thepopulationinthis studywereallpeoplelivingwithHIV/AIDS,atthePerwakosandMahamerufoun dations in Surabaya, the sampling technique used was snowball sampling, with 63 respondents consisting of 3 groups, 23 male PLWHA, 20 women and 20 others are sexual pervert transgender. Results: The results showed that the experience of self-stigma in PLWHA Men was mostly heterosexual with a score of 29, 33 & 35 as many as 9 people (21%), with a mean of 36.49. Self-stigma scores on PLWHA Women based on heterosexuality were mostly 25 as many as 4 people (6.34%), with a mean of 40.45. Meanwhile, the self-stigma scores of PLWHA with sexual deviations transgender based on Homosexuality were mostly 53, 54 & 67 as many as 6 people (9.54%), with a mean of 60.05. The results of the analysis using the one wayANOVAtestare(p=0.000=0.05)Soitcanbeconcludedthat there are differences in self-stigma based on sexual orientation in people living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (PLWHA). Keywords: PLWHA · Self-stigma · men · transgender & women

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Subjects: Q Science > Q Science (General)
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Date Deposited: 15 Mar 2024 02:05
Last Modified: 15 Mar 2024 02:05

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