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Muzayanah, Muzayanah and Dra. Mas'ulah, M.A. (2007) ANALYSIS OF PLOT THROUGH THE CHARACTERS’S CONFLICT IN KING LEAR BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. Other thesis, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya.

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Drama is a literary form supported by the most ancient traditions, firmly embedded in the social customs of cultures through the word. In drama there are two elements; those are extrinsic element such as the social background of the author’s lifetime and the intrinsic element, which include theme, plot, character, characterization and setting. William Shakespeare is chosen because of, the most famous one, who is considered to be greatest dramatist that the world has ever had and the finest poet who has written his work in the English Language. Among his drama, I was interested in studying KING LEAR, in which King Lear of the conflicts, who in my view is an internal conflict and external conflict. King Lear is the ones of Shakespeare's plays that we think of oftenest because it abounds most in striking reflection on human life, so it is interesting to be discussed. Base on the background stated above, the problems in this thesis are stated as follows. (1) What are the conflicts faced by the characters in King Lear? (2) How does the conflict help in developing the plot? It is needed to apply some references dealing with the statement of the problem such as: theory of plot by Kirkland and Dowel, Jones and Little; furthermore, it is very essential to apply theory of conflict from Little, Dietrich, Jones and some data are from internet. In analyzing this thesis, descriptive - qualitative method was used. The data were collected through library research and classified into two groups- the main data of plot through King Lear conflict in William Shakespeare King Lear. After analyzing the problems stated above, it can be concluded as follows: The solving problems of the King Lear is both protagonists are able to redeem themselves to some degree by acknowledged their grave errors and accepted the forgiveness of the generous Cordelia and Edgar. The protagonists are dead all. There are external and internal conflicts in the play. They are the conflicts of King Lear. There are external conflict: King Lear against Cordelia, King Lear against Goneril and Albany, King Lear against Regan and Cornwall, King Lear against Regan and Goneril. There are internal conflicts: King Lear concerning Cordelia, King Lear concerning Goneril and Regan, King Lear concerning Kent,King Lear concerning Edgar, Cordelia concerning King Lear, Goneril concerning King Lear, Edgar internal conflict and Gloucester internal conflict. He have many conflicts with his daughter and him self. He is very shocked, when his young daughter said not love him like her sisters so he said Cordelia to go out from his kingdom. One day he know Goneril and Regan not love him but they are said that to make his kingdom so Goneril and Regan said King Lear to go out from his kingdom. When King Lear met Cordelia after several time, he know his young daughter very love him not love land and his money.

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